Jun 8, 2009

TUESDAY 090609

Four rounds for time of:
100 ft Walking lunge, carrying 30 pound dumbbells
24-inch Box Jump, 30 reps
30-pound Weighted pull-ups, 20 reps

Post time to comments.


CK said...

Scaled the first round's weighted pullups to 5 reps, after that -- dropped all weight and did reps. Whew!

Also scaled the box jump to box steps for my knee.

The rest as Rx'd. Heather came out to join the crew and did great.

monroe said...

I did Bottom-to-bottom Tabata squats with the foundation class today. Score:13 ( I dogged it a bit). Then did some skills and drills, HSPU, one-legged squats, L-pullups, basically the stuff I suck at.

I met with BG Cardon today to talk about implementing CF in the CGSC curriculum. Wrote to Coach today on the general's behalf. The DC wants him to address the next CGSC class! He directed the COS to program regular Level I certs! And, he is looking to make a functional fitness facility on post. Stand by, this is getting interesting.

Great work by Pat and Frank on the foundations class today!

Brian said...

Only scaled pullups by using green band. 35 min. I am wiped!

Max said...

Another great hotel WOD in Philly

For Time:

Run 400
12 x PP w/ 35# DBs
12 x KBS w/ 35# DB
12 x burpees (yay burpees!)
Run 800
Run 400


This was pretty good. The great thing about CrossFit is how you can make stuff up, mix it up, and it works, regardless.

Again, crazy looks....

SPK said...


Awful...as Rx'd 31:36. Took a chunk off the hand with the last set of P/Us. Good Times.

pd said...

38:41. This one hurt bad. The 30 lb. lunges are deceiving.

Karen said...

Those lunges were brutal. Scaled the lunges (dropped the weights) and used bands on pullups. Still today, two days later, am having trouble climbing stairs!