Jun 1, 2009

TUESDAY 090602

For Weight:

Power Clean

These are sets across, meaning you do not increase the weight after each round. You need to "grease the groove" before hand, using lighter weights until you get to your 5-rep max, then complete the WOD.


CK said...

First time doing this -- so we REALLY greased the groove with technique training and start low weight and worked up.

5@115, 5@124, 5@135. Will definately go heavier next time, but since it's my first time -- it's still a PR!

Side note: this was tough to execute with our group (4 pax) with the basketball game on-going...

Phil B said...

Did Erin today, as per yesterday on the main site. I really lost my momentum on the third round.
As Rx'd.

pd said...

135 lbs.

Really enjoyed this one and got to work on some skills at the end.

Max said...

155 sets across

Lots of great comments coming in from the cert, more to follow.

SPK said...


The straight across sets were an eye opener! RIF

185 across

monroe said...

I did Erin, too. For some reason, I did 20 split cleans each round.