Jun 17, 2009


Three rounds for time of:

GHD Sit-up, 25 reps
Double unders, 25 reps
Burpees, 25 reps

If you have never done GHD sit-ups in a WOD before, don't do 25 GHD sit-ups in this one! At the very max, do five to ten, and use an ABMAT for the remaining with your feet butterflied.

Scaling is important, and while writting "As Rx'd" looks and feels good, you can get hurt doing high-volume GHD sit-ups if you don't possess the work capacity. Don't worry, it'll come, but SAFETY is essential!

Post time to comments.


monroe said...

15:22 rx.

Max said...

18:57 as Rx'd

I tried so hard to push through the burpees, but I simply couldn't.....the mind was willing but the flesh was weak....or is that backwards?

Either way, I HATE BURPEES!

Damon said...

That was a good one! The humidity added a little extra fun...as did the flying basketballs...only took one to the back!

Anyway, 13:00 as rx'd.

The Fundamentals class went well. One hour wasn't long enough to try and get all that in. It was a very quick intro to the exercises. If the class was any larger, definitely would need more coaches or split the exercises between days.

It was great having some of the folks from fundamentals participate in the WOD! Keep it up!!!

pd said...

18 Jun 09 - 17:28

I only went half way back on the GHD situps. I'm still trying to work on the flexibility and capacity to go all the way back.