Jun 3, 2009


For time:

5 muscle-ups
10 double unders
4 muscle-ups
20 double unders
3 muscle-ups
30 double unders
2 muscle-ups
40 double unders
1 muscle-up
50 double unders

3 false grip pull-ups and 3 ring dips if you have pull-ups
4 pull-ups and 4 dips if you are using the band

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Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

As Rx'd


Brian said...

I did not keep time. I know we are supposed to leave ego at the door, but I was glad that I was able to work on these skills behind my garage door. I substituted 4xdips/pullups per muscleup, and I was unable to do consecutive double unders, so it was slow going.

Phil B said...

Did this one on Friday morning. For the record, I hate double unders.
As Rx'd:

P: 20:57
R: 25:40
J: 27:10

pd said...

Substituted 3 ring pullups and 3 ring dips for the muscle ups. Great work on the skills - 22:57.

CK said...

At first I thought that the muscle ups were evil...until I realized that it takes me 3 jumps to get one double-under. Ouch!

We had a good group going on this one, so had to coordinate rotations. As Rx'd 29:59