Jun 28, 2009

MONDAY 090629

Four rounds for time:
30 push-ups
Crabwalk 20 meters forward
30 squats
Crabwalk 20 meters backwards.

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OkieDB said...

Hello Crossfitters,
Go the hyperlink below or read the information below. A pretty good article a good friend of mine from Fort Bragg provided me from Crossfit Wilmington’s site. Hope you enjoy it.
Train Hard, Train Smart, Train to Survive! OkieDB Out


Deep Thoughts::More on Weight Loss, Health, and Living. June 15, 2009
Today I'm just going to lay out some 1-2 line thoughts and let the message
just sink in. No need to probably go into much more detail with each, much
like I've done in the past with the trainer tells all article. You may agree
with some, and disagree with others:.and that is ok. Discussion is always
welcome:.so let's get to it.

│If your doctor (or anyone you are getting advice from) is overweight, why
do you take his advice on what to eat?
│If you can tell me about what happened last night on "Survivor", then you
have no excuses of why you have no time to go exercise.
│If it did not exist 100:1000:.10000 years ago, you probably shouldn't be
eating it. If it will still be around in another 1000 years "as-is on a
shelf" (preserved), you definitely don't want to eat it.
│Stop focusing on "how many calories did I burn" with exercise. Focus on
"what hormonal response am I giving my body for the next 24-48 hours?" (to
burn fat, or waste muscle?) │Food made by nature is good. Food made by man
is bad. Man's downfall in health could be thinking he could outsmart what
nature had intended for us to eat in the first place.
│2 shorter but more intense workouts divided up in a day is more effective
for releasing fat (GH pulses) than just one big long workout.
│Putting sugar into your body is saying to yourself "I don't feel like
burning fat for the next 3 hours" (with the insulin response and shutdown of
fat releasing hormones) │Getting fit/lean isn't rocket science (as some
people with the best physiques are not always the sharpest knife in the
drawer), just many don't stick with it or keep motivated. Stop thinking you
need something complicated, the biggest thing you need is just simple
│The greatest mental flaw for modern society is not realizing people are
overweight and sick because of their deviation from eating and living in a
more natural way (as our bodies were designed for).
│Diets don't work, only lifestyle changes. So learn how to break free from
diet books and eat for life!
│There is no real failure:there is no real success:.only actions and
results. Stop judging yourself and just do what you know you need to do. As
the worst action, is taking none at all.
│Buy a set of good resistance bands to have with you if you travel or are
busy at home. There is always time to use those for a full body workout.
(plus pushups can be done with no equipment needed!) │Muscles seem to grow
the most in 24-48 hrs after a workout, so stop thinking you need expensive
post workout drinks to build muscle (and focus on eating right on the other
days as well!).
│Lead by example with your food and lifestyle choices, others will follow
(no need to preach to or force them).

Phil B said...

for the record...i hate crabwalks...but i will love the look on the suburbanites face as i knock out today's wod in the front yard of my wife's aunt's house. thanks dave!

OkieDB said...

Iron Major Crossfitters,
If any of you live on post and would like to get in a WOD in the basement of my house around 0545 hrs M-F or on Saturday mornings or holidays let me know. I have trouble getting off at 1330-1430 during the duty day to hit your group WODs. I live on post in Pottawattamie Village on Hunt Road if interested. Just a thought for a WOD partner every now and then. Let me know.

Performed CF Football WOD
Overhead Squat 5,3,3,2,2,1 = 95, 105, 115, 115, 125, 135

7 rounds for time of:
3 Handstand Push Ups
5 Power Cleans 185 lbs (modified to 155lbs)
7 Pull Ups (Chest To Bar)
TIME = 17:03

Follow-UP CF Endurance WOD (Sundays did today though)
20 minute run distance = 2.74 miles t

Train Hard Train Smart, Train to Survive! OkieDB Out

Brian said...

If Phil thought he looked funny in front of the neighbors, you should have seen the looks at the hotel.
As Rx'd. 18:30.
I too hate crab walks.
What kind of looks did you get at the beach, Dave?

Phil B said...

As rx'd. 9:52 crabwalks have officially joined my list of de-motivating exercises. but it's in good company, joining such stars as the burpee, the thruster, and the box jump.