Jun 21, 2009

MONDAY 090622

"Iron Major Competition"

Start time is 1600 at airfield, see you there! Wear a CrossFit shirt if you have one!

Max rep, strict pull-ups in 3 minutes, Rest 3 minutes

Max rep, ankles to the bar in 3 minutes, Rest 3 minutes

Then, with a continuously running clock, for time:
Fireman's carry, 35m
(Sub: BW barbell carry across the basketball court)
45-pound rucksack carry, 35m
(Sub: Carry 45-pound bumper plate across the basketball court)
Rest 3 minutes

Then, with a continuously running clock, for time:
Crab walk 60 m (length of basketball court), run 4.6 miles.

Post number of reps for each event and times to comments.


Damon said...

What an interesting day. If it weren't for the CrossFit loyals Iron Major couldn't have happened today. Congrats to Chris, Phil, Pat, Max, and "the guy I didn't know" for busting your butts today. The six of us certainly showed some good American Grit against the entire British contingent. I would be remiss if I didn't thank our cheering section as well...three spouses against a 100 Brits...they still sounded really good!

Anyway, I don't know what my time was, so I can't post it. Apparently I did ok. I am glad someone did a risk assessment though and came to their senses about cancelling the run. If they hadn't, I think it would have turn into a battle for survival and not a competition.

Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

Fantastic effort at the competition today. I counted five CrossFitters - that is five of the eight US participants.

Great work. It was hot, it was nasty, but strong effort from everyone.

Expect to see crabwalks in some WODs!

Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

Hey, Brian was there too! Representing in the IMCF shirt!

This is a good event to measure your progress since there are external judges. Was there only six US participants?

Either way, that is a STRONG message. Really says something about the work everyone has done since getting here to CGSC.

There is work involved! The Level 1 cert, the coaching, just talking to other officers about the program....and don't forget things like working out everyday.

But seriously guys, truth be known, with the exception of the crabwalk, it was a pretty easy day. Normally we would do a WOD like that 3 to 5 rounds, no rests....

Great job again. Next time we need to get about 15 CrossFitters out there!

Phil B said...

good times today, i had fun for sure. thanks to everyone who came out, i think we represented well. thanks especially to the spouses out there! awesome cheering! I could hear your voices over all the brits! for the record, i hate crabwalks, which will be forever known as crapwalks.

pd said...

Great work today guys. Its a good example of what "positive" peer pressure can do to you. I was all set to do a WOD off the main page and there was Dave requesting that I participate. Glad I did. It was a well run event. Did we beat the Brits?

Thanks to the support crew also. I believe that I could hear them as well.

Dave the ruck looked good on you. Almost as if I was looking into a glass ball and seeing the future.

Max said...


You comment is not funny. I srubbed all night to try and get the ruck cooties off me. No avail, my RFO still says 1/10MTN.

Guess it's time to transition to the CAV mindset and leave the tanker one behind.

Know what Pat, let me send the BDE S1 an email, maybe we need a BCT EN.....