Jun 14, 2009

MONDAY 090615

"Nasty Girls"

Three Rounds For Time:
50 Air Squats
7 Muscle-ups
135 pound Hang Power Cleans, 10 reps

Check out the demo here: http://media.crossfit.com/cf-video/051204.wmv

Post time to comments.

If you have pull-ups, but not muscle-ups, work the muscle-up progression into your warm-up, then sub with false grip pull-ups and ring dips.

If you do not have pull-ups, then sub with regular pull-ups, scaled as necessary, and bar dips.


pd said...


Had to scale to 3 ring pullups and 3 ring dips and 95# HPC. Good way to start a week.

Damon said...

Good, quick workout...that left my forearms completely cramped up! This was good, but ended up scaling the muscle ups:

round 1-5 muscle ups, 2 false grip pullups
round 2-2 muscle ups, 5 false grip pullups
round 3-1 muscle up, 6 ring dips
everything else was as rx'd.

total time- 8:15

Looking forward to tomorrow!

Brian said...

30 min.
sub'd 4x pullups & dips per muscleup, and used 75# 1st round, 65# next 2 rounds.
Used combination of blue and green bands on the pullups and dips.

Max said...

I suffered through the muscle-ups until I finally gave out. Forgot tape so my wrists are shredded. That's okay, because I am tough.

Rounds 1-2 as Rx'd
Round 3, needed to pull off my knees for last 5 MUs.

35:19 (PR)

It is important to remind yourself when you hit a PR. Remember, its relative progress. My goal next time is to get through "Nasty Girls" as RX'd. Goal-setting is important to CrossFit, just like any other sport!

CK said...

Approx 10min...I forgot to stop the time, but know I was behind Damon.

Also learned a simple Army lesson--PCI you rings! The rings were too high for a good false grip, so I did ring pull-ups and dips.

Good workout!

See everyone tomorrow at the classes!

SPK said...


The M/Us were from a position where I could use a little jump for the transition, but o/w 7:51.

J. Bell said...

As Rx'ed: 16:31

Did 5 x 5 OHS: Max 5 rep max was 135 lbs.