Jun 7, 2009

MONDAY 090608

For Weight:


Post loads to comments.


Max said...

The hotel gym is weak, but at leat they had dumbells....heaviest set was 50#

For Time
Dumbell "Linda"
DL - 50#
BP - 40#
HPCLN - 25#


First time doing Linda with lighter weight. Able to go through with only a few stops, pretty smoked. Probably better than if there were heavier weights and I had to keep stopping.

I LOVE busting a CF WOD in a hotel. The "business" folks plodding along on the treadmills keep looking over and wondering what the heck I'm doing.

CK said...

Good weight day. First time doing back squats in a LONG while (read years..) Had the usual SG1A crew plus Heather came out to see why her husband bought 'monkey shoes'......

We greased the groove with 45lb bar, then worked up.
-45lb x10
-95lb x10
-115lb x5
-135lb x5
-185lb x5
-225lb x5 (Started counting here)
-245lb x5
-255lb x5
-255lb x5
-255lb x5

Even with Heather's knee history (8 surgeries) she did great scaling it and focusing on technique/range of motion.

Brian said...

Greased w/ pvc then mt bar. Did wod w/ 95#. Focussed on form.

OkieDB said...

Hello Iron Major CrossFitters,
I normally follow the CF Jenks WOD, but always monitor the Iron Major Clan. Was super stoked to see Friday's WOD (4 rds 400 m run and 50 air squats) so I had to give it a try. I do not recall trying this one before.
Did the morning CF Jenks WOD and once I was off work knocked out the Friday WOD. Nice smoker. 10:24 as RXd.

Hope to take off some day around 1330 and get in a WOD with the Iron Major Crew. Keep up the great work.

Train Hard, Train Smart, Train to Survive! OkieDB Out

SPK said...


Good start after an counter-productive weekend...which started Friday!

Ramped up to 255, where I started to notice difficulty maintaining form, then 265 for the five.

WODs in the hotel are funny - either people stare or they don't enter the room altogether.

pd said...


Not very heavy but I did get some good work on form. Realized during the cert that I'm not as good at the squat as I thought.