May 12, 2009


For Time:
30 Muscle-ups

If you do not have muscle-ups yet, use this technique to work on your progression.

If you are still working on pull-ups, the substitue is four pull-ups and four dips per muscle-up. Yes, that is ONE-HUNDRED AND TWENTY of each. Alternate between pull-ups and dips, four at a time, until you hit one-twenty. Yes, it is a lot, but you are working on increasing your work capacity. Take as long as you need and scale as needed. Remember to focus on a full range of motion and write down everything about how you get through it so you can see you progress down the road.

If one-hundred and twenty is too many for you, no big deal. Do your best! If this is your first time, it is a start point from which you can gauge your progress.


Max said...

Okay, I realize some folks just looked at the WOD and used some very colorful language describing their work capactity.

The first time I did this I had been doing CrossFit for just over four months (13MAY08).

I sub'd ring pull-ups for the first 60 and bar pull-ups for the second 60, and ring dips for the first 90 and bar dips for the last 30.

My time was 34:59

This first time I actually SAW this WOD, it was the first time I ever typed in My question was simply, "What the heck is a muscle-up?" I clicked on "Start Here" and did a BrandX scaled workout.

monroe said...

This time 15:10 as rx'ed
Last time 16:36

Finished up with some handstand & pistol practice. Work those skills & drills!

Max said...

30:43 as Rx'd

I had 11 misses. I should have been done at 23:00.....