May 4, 2009

TUESDAY 090505

Clean and Jerk

Remember how we build intensity in CrossFit. First we do one rep correctly, then we do multiples, then we either increase the load or put a stopwatch to it. If you do not have a good, solid clean (squat clean, not just a power clean) work on your mechanics. Use only 95# and go through it over and over. Focus on the second pull. Trust it! When you get under the bar, allow the bar to push you down into the front squat as you pull under. Don't worry, you will actually stop in a full squat. It takes time, but fight for it and don't just junp right over to power cleans.

Review the clips posted on the main site ( These are valuable. The CrossFit Journal is invaluable and has even's the best $25 you'll spend!


Max said...

Definate improvement on my clean form. I was able to execute a full ROM on the CLN and catch it in the squat each time.


monroe said...

Finished with 3 rounds of 10 kipping pull ups, 10 24" box jumps