May 13, 2009


Four Rounds For Time:
Row 1000 meters
Rest exactly two minutes.

Time does not stop between rounds. You cannot rest less than 2 minutes, but you can rest more, if you like......but every second counts!


monroe said...

There are a couple of strategies for interval workouts. You could go all out every time, but if you are unaccustomed to interval work your times will likely increase disproportianately to a set goal, for example 80% effort on the forst set, trying to maintain that effort throughout. Another technique is negative splits. Say your goal is 14:00 for the cycle (4 work sets, three rest sets). Your work sets would be 2:10, 2:05, 2:00, 1:50. Still another technique to try is the FGB strategy, 1/4 stroke, 1/2 stroke, 10 full strokes, repeat. Try one of these to set a baseline, then try something else next time and compare results. Remember, legs body arms, arms body legs. Practice good technique. Keep you chest up and midline tight for a powerful transfer of power.

monroe said...

Well, I gooned that one up. I did 500m vice 1K. Time 13:50.

Preceded by the workout from the main page, 14:50 as rxd.

Brian said...

I am not the lighweight I used to be. I had forgotten how much rowing hurts. The increased time/effort reflects how long it has been.
1) 3:55.9
2) 4:03.2
3) 4:16.4
4) 4:23.0
Total effort: 16:23.5
Total time: 22:28.5 (w/ rests)

pd said...

Not the best workout of the week. Legs felt really tired.


1 - 4:23
2 - 4:15
3 - 4:19
4 - 4:21

Max said...

Total time = 22:11
Total effort = 16:11