May 17, 2009

MONDAY 090518


3 rounds for time:

Run 400 meters
55 pound kettlebell swings, 21 reps
Pull-ups, 12 reps

Meet OPT.....

Post time to comments.


Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

If this is your first time doing thie WOD, recommend you use the track at Gruber. You can sign out a kettlebell and take it outside, the folks at the front desk are fine with it. I would put the KB 1/2 way between the track and the pull-up bar.

55# is a bit heavy if you haven't swung a KB too much, so start with 35#.

Max said...

10:27 As Rx'd

I ate like CRAP all weekend. I felt it this morning!

pd said...

11:01 scaling the KB to 35#. Brian and I did this at the track over by Harney. The pull up bars are sufficient, but there is no tape on them so after a few PU we started to slip off.

Brian said...

35# was a little too much for me to keep good form yet. 11:43
I also scaled the Pushups with Blue band round 1 and Green band for 2 and 3.