May 31, 2009

Level 1 Certification

Congradulations to everyone that completed this weekend's CrossFit Certification. Absolutely a fantastic effort by everyone there, and we definately represented the US Army and CGSC well.

A special thanks to Stewart from CrossFit Results, Colonel Monroe, and Brigader General Cardon for their support and assistance this weekend.

You never quit learning. I attended my first Level 1 lst August - I think I leared more at this one to be honest.

Something to be proud of - After the cert Pat Sherwood, the lead from CrossFit on the cert, told me that BG Cardon was the first General or Flag Officer in the US military that he has had attend a certification. This should tell us ALL a few things. For those that attended the cert, what did it tell you? What if you didn't attend the cert? What do you think?

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Max said...

What seeing BG Cardon there meant to me was that as a leader, you have to be present and show folks that you are serious about what you say. Telling folks fitness is important is one thing, but spending an entire weekend training and showing everyone that it is important to everyone speaks volumes.

BG Cardon did all the WODs - Bottom to Bottom Tabata squats, Fran, and Fight Gone Bad. He was in there with 23-year-old civilians, students from ILE, and everyone in between. Many would just use their position or rank and just observe in fear of being uncomfortable or embarrassed. Definately something to walk away with.

William said...

All, I thought the certification was superb. I particularly was impressed with the emphasis on achieving intensity in every workout,getting to that place where you "get the good stuff." The bottomline, to my mind, is that in our business, we are paid to be prepared to ACT, to take action, and Soldiers who are physically fit are better prepared to do exactly that. I agree with BG Cardon that we have a crisis in our Amercian culture and in our Army, with regard to fitness. This really is a life-decision that each one of us makes every day, one which as leaders we can/must be prepared to influence in all of our formations. Although new to the Crossfit community, I left the certification extremely impressed with the comprehensiveness of the program - Variety, Intensity, Scaling, Nutrition, Form, Programming - I thought they hit all the big pieces. Dave, I will send some more targeted feedback to your AKO questions via our e-mail distribution.

Will Slocum

CK said...

I have to agree with everyone else - the Army got it's $$ worth by sending us to the Level 1 cert: as change agents in units and professional officers. I was extremely impressed with all of the classes.

I'm also impressed with BG Cardon -- he sat through all the classes, spent his fair share of time 'in the middle' of a small group (we all were there) and eagerly accepted all critiques from 20-somethings instructors without issue. Says alot about him as a leader and a man.

I'm all on-board to assist in implementing CrossFit on a more permanent basis. I'd love to mat over the Gruber Gym basketball court so that we've all got room to workout. There are alot more basketball courts outside/around post to play -- but there's only one place where all the CrossFit equipment is.

I'm also on-board for teaching during the upcoming Fundamentals training.


Dean said...

Answers to email questions:

How to implement this at Fort Leavenworth? Unknown - the biggest problem I see is that our peers aren't using this time to 'take a knee' to get back into shape. Most our peers are getting fatter, not fitter at ILE. I think the viral approach is the only way. Get people infected and the infection will spread.

Do you think it should be mandatory? No - mandatory will just make people resentful.

Perhaps an elective? An elective would be great. Also an elective for Modern Army Combatives would be appropriate. If the big Army wants to emphasize fitness what a better way to send that message than to have PT electives in the CGSC curriculum. On another note - maybe the Army should change the outdated Master Fitness Trainer ASI and turn that into Crossfit certification. I believe that level 3 and 4 combatives trainers get an ASI so the Army can track them.

Would you like to see a dedicated CrossFit area here on Fort Leavenworth? Absolutely, the Gruber basketball court would be great but I think MWR would resist. Better, get rid of all the machines in the weight room and just turn that into crossfit land.

Do you see a value of the program being used within platoons? Yes Companies? Yes, although much like Combatives I see the real focus at the brigade level. Most brigades have a well equipped unit gym. If that turns into a crossfit area then it will stick in our formations.

What about on deployments? I think this is it's greatest power. The selling point to the high ranking officers must include this. What other PT form can you not only maintain but gain conditioning while deployed. No equipment necessary but sand bags. I think Crossfit's adaptiblity to austere environments is its greatest strength for the military.

Lastly, what is the one thing, if nothing else, you are taking away from this weekend? Functional movements to keep me out of a nursing home.