Apr 7, 2009


"95 Pound Suck"

Load a bar up with 25s. Complete each exercise before moving to the next. If anyone sees Scott Knight in the hallway, thank him for this one.

For time.
21-18-15-12-9 reps of:

Dead lift
Hang power clean
Front squat
Push jerk

Post time to comments.


monroe said...

Sorry, it was such a nice day I had to run. 3.5 mi in 32:08. First 5k since foot surgery last December, so I will take it.

A word to all the students reading this blog: The real engine for growth of CrossFit at FTLV is CGSC students. Kudo's to Dave Maxwell for taking the initiative to get this site going, it will be a boon for the local CF community.

I've heard CF success stories from a number of you. You really need to share your experience on the CAC blog. There is real money, and I do mean money $$ (as CGSC paid cert scholarships) in student comments, so get on it!

Max said...

As Rx'd
25:45 (PR)

Last time I did this in August it took me 31:09. I don't remember it taking that long, but I remember it sucking....

pd said...


Rounds 21 and 18 with 75
Rounds 15, 12, 9 with 65