Apr 27, 2009

TUESDAY 090428

For Weight:


I recommend a Burgener warm-up, focused on either clean or snatch development. If you have a solid clean, work on your snatch.

With this WOD you are going for your 1 rep max. Focus on FORM and take enough rest in between reps. Fight hard for good reps. If you are failing to maintain proper form, back off on the weight.

The first Foundations class is today at Gruber at 1400 in the combatives room if you are interested. Simply come dressed in work-out attire! There are still room, so come on by!


SPK said...


405 and a sore back! Next time I need a partner to tell me my form sucks!

Max said...

325, failed on 345...I knew my form sucked.....

pd said...

I kept the weight low on this since its my first time deadlifting heavy. However, I incorrectly executed by increasing the weight each round with a final round weight of 170.