Apr 22, 2009



For Time:
Clean, 135 pounds
Ring Dips

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There is always a healthy debate on whether to use full squat cleans or power cleans. As Rx'd is FULL SQUAT CLEANS. If you prefer to do this with power cleans, no problem, just make a note. It is a good idea to vary it. Using squat cleans will give you a fuller range of motion, the weight travels a greater distance, but your time will be slower. With a power clean, your cycle time is faster, but the weight travels a shorter distance. In the long run, if you vary it, it evens out.


Max said...

Scaled to 125#


This was a PR for me, heaviest that I have ever done. Getting closer and closer to doing this RX'd. Probably could get through it at the RXd weight with power cleans.

pd said...

Scaled to 75 lbs. and did hang power cleans since my lifting repertoire is limited.


Phil B said...

Scaled down to 115#,


Probably should have kept it as Rx'd, but would've had to do it with power cleans. good workout.