Apr 15, 2009


For Weight:

These are NOT "sets across." You are going for your one rep max.

There are plenty of clips and instruction on the main site.

Recommend use of the Burgener warm-up for this WOD, but DO NOT skip the standard CFWU, especially if you are starting out. Instead, replace the overhead squats in the warm-up with the Burgener warm-up. The only time I skip an exercise in the warm-up is if the WOD has about 100 of them.

If this is a new exercise to you, no problem! Use this as a skill day to develop the proper form and start building the muscle memory to execute this lift properly. There are THREE distinct steps from starting out to "high intensity." First, do one rep correctly, in this case with a PVC pipe. Then get to where you can do multiples, correctly, while slowly increasing the load. NOW you can put a stop watch to it.

Have you ever carried a piece of plywood over your head? How about a log? Yeah, you have snatched before......remember there is more to this exercise that just the lift - there are targeted general physical skills. The free issue of the CFJ covers them if you need a reminder (link to right!)

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Max said...

I suck at snatches....

75# was all I can get in a full squat.....