Apr 19, 2009

MONDAY 090420

"Tabata Endurance"

Do 20:10 x Distance Until Completion.
20 seconds on, 10 seconds off.
Complete stop/rest on the 10 second rest period.
Choose one of the following:
Swim 800 meters
Bike 5 miles
Run 2 miles
Row 3000 meters

Post Distances, Exercise, and Total Rounds To Comments


Max said...

I'm hitting this on a C2 in the morning......

Max said...

30 intervals on a C2, just under 15 min. I was getting about 80m per 20s.

If you are doing this one later, you can set up Tabata rows on the C2. Go into the menu, new workout, interval - time, and set it up.

pd said...

Completed on a C2 - 16:21.