Apr 7, 2009

Information on Level 1 Cert

For folks that are interested, the application process for the Level 1 cert in May has been finalized with the CGSC faculty. You should have gotten an email. If not, see the post from Colonel Monroe on the application process.

Please start following the WODs on this site and posting to the comments so we can start stregthening our community. Thanks!

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monroe said...

If any of you want a head start, here is the message you will see from USSD:
On 30-31 May a CrossFit Level I Certification Seminar will be conducted at Gruber gym, Fort Leavenworth. CGSC has secured a limited number of slots for this seminar, valued at $800 each for CGSC students. The Level 1 Certification is an introductory course on CrossFit's methods, concepts, and movements. On completing a Level 1 CrossFit certification, attendees will have the resources and a sufficient foundation from where they can continue independent and successful development as a trainer or athlete in functional fitness.
In order to select the best qualified candidates for this event, student applicants are asked to submit a short essay (+/- 250 words) explaining why they should be selected for this training. Essay entries should be double spaced, size 11 font, Calibri, and include a cover sheet with the name, rank, and CGSC class of the student. Do not include name, personal reference, or small staff group number in the essay to ensure objectivity in the judging of the essay. Only hard copy entries will be considered.
This competition is open only to CGSC students. Deadline for submission is NLT Monday, 20 April. Late submissions will not be considered. Submit entries to LTC Kidd, room 4535 L&C. Selectees will be announced NLT Friday, 24 April. Questions may be directed to Col Monroe at 684-4550, room 2507 L&C, or MAJ Dave Maxwell, class 09-02.